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Note: This website deliberately does not force you to HTTPS. This is so that you can browse from old computers, and also because there's nothing here that needs encryption (I am not a bank, last I checked.) If you're on a browser new enough to support HTTPS, but you aren't using it, you should see a big red warning above. Apply your own judgment.

My name is Gravis. This is my personal website. I am interested in old computers more than new ones.

Youtube (Second Channel)

I am also known as Cathode Ray Dude on Youtube.

When I created this site, I imagined that I would make an article to go with every video I made. This turned out to be much easier said than done, so mostly what's here is stuff I haven't been able to make videos about, or at least not at the time of their writing.


The bulk of my work on this site is in a number of long-form articles I've written on a variety of subjects. Please check them out.

RSS feed Roughly in reverse chronological order of original posting

"Instant-on Linux": A series.

Amiga Video Toaster Tips - A few tips on using the Amiga Video Toaster.

Toasting Video On Windows: A series.

Smartmedia in the 21st Century - Smartmedia can be hard to navigate 20+ years later.

Configuring the Gotek on an IBM PC - It's not hard, but you might hit a couple pitfalls.

Advantages of stone-age graphics - I discovered some interesting quirks about how Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 draws its graphics, thanks to a broken video card.

Configuring SCSI2SD for CDROM emulation - I simply could not find any other explanation online.

Traceroute isn't real, or: Whoops! Everyone Has Been Wrong Forever

Capturing / scaling retro video - Some notes on capturing and converting old video.

My Video Camera Collection - I collect vintage video cameras, camcorders and recorders.

The 8x14 Font Issue - Why some DOS software has corrupted text on modern graphics cards

Every screen mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 - Just what it says.

TownsOS tour - A tour of several versions of TownsOS, the operating system of the FM Towns.

Emulating the FM Towns with Unz - The FM Towns was an unusual 386-based Japanese PC from the late 80s. Here is a thorough guide on emulating it.

Running DOS Apps on Windows - A review of the process and quirks of running DOS apps under Windows from version 1.0 to 95.

Compaq CDS524 - A profile of a 486 all-in-one machine from 1995.

Basics of PPP - A more-or-less layperson's introduction to PPP and the context in which it's used and why.

Setting up a Dialup Server in 2020 - General info, and specific guides, on the subject of setting up a dialup server so other computers can dial in to get internet service.

Dialup In The Age Of Broadband - A method to connect modems over VoIP to allow old computers to make actual dialup connections in the modern era

Windows Explorer Through The Ages - An off-the-cuff, surface impression of Explorer in every version of Windows.

OS/2 Virtualization Guide - Download premade VMs or learn how to install OS/2 on a virtual machine.

Getting Started with Solaris 2.6 - Download a premade VM or learn how to install Solaris on a virtual machine, as well as many interesting applications.

Skutch MoH Adapters - Skutch was a company that made one of the weirdest accessories for telephones that I've ever seen.

KSUless Phones - I discovered a very strange kind of self-organizing PBX phone system that was popular for ages, is still sold, but almost nobody knows about.

SNES9x Netplay Crash Teardown - I spent a ton of time diagnosing a weird, weird bug in a forgotten part of SNES9x.